Update of Downtown Commons Project as of March 2015

Although the original Downtown Commons project was proposed to be built at the site of the Main Ave Foundation Plaza, new studies for redevelopment of Main Ave have proposed moving the Downtown Commons project across the street to the site of the Rogerson Hotel.  That hotel is proposed to be demolished.  Below is a drawing showing the proposed new location of the project (shown as "plaza") and two conceptual drawings of how the Downtown Commons project may look. 

The Downtown Renaissance is Beginning! (Update as of November 2016)

Exciting things are starting to happen in downtown Twin Falls. The Rogerson Hotel is gone, and the footprint for the new Downtown Commons is clear.  Construction of the new public gathering space and the new City Hall next door is scheduled to start in the spring of 2017. 

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Project #2

Snake River Canyon Rim Trail Enhancement

There are many segments of the Snake River Canyon Rim Trail that are still undeveloped.  The goal of this project is to connect the Snake River Canyon Rim Trail from Washington St. N. to Shoshone Falls and to the College of Southern Idaho. A total of approximately $1,000,000.00 is needed to make all of the planned connections.  To date $98,000 has been raised and in 2014 a total of 2100 lineal feet of trail was built in the Pillar Falls area.

This project combines several approaches to funding trail development.  One approach is to encourage donations directly from the public.  A second approach is fundraising efforts of the Magic Valley Trail Enhancement Committee (MaVTEC) through sponsored fun run events around the community of Twin Falls. Click here to connect to the MaVTEC website for information on the fun runs.

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One Time Projects

Project #1

The Downtown Commons

The Twin Falls Community Foundation has been working with

the Twin Falls City Parks and Recreation Commission and the

Urban Renewal Agency to evaluate the redevelopment of the

Main Ave Fountain Plaza.

A public open house meeting was held on Feb 23, 2011 at the

Historic Ballroom for the purpose of answering questions and

gathering comments on the proposed redevelopment to present

to the City Council. Colored renderings presented at the open

house can be viewed here.

In 2014 the City of Twin Falls & the Urban Renewal Agency began a study to determine other redevelopment needs in the downtown area.  As a result, this project is currently on hold as it may be relocated to a different site.  The project will take place, it is only a matter of where.  Fund raising continues for this exciting project that will bring a new park and new activities to the downtown area.

Below is information on the Downtown Commons Project, Main Avenue Reconstruction and the new City Hall as of Jan 25, 2017.

Twin Falls Community Foundation.